Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How media's freedom to choose what to publish could change the world ?

(This is copy of of our communication with a top political leader in India on media role in society) 

We have been working towards finding what the world media was lacking, for over 2 decades, and was in touch with media leaders, sharing our in puts periodically. 

Our studies in pure philosophical subjects (such as our studies on the faculty of Reason) that you could see at our blog link: http://philosopherskorner.blogspot.com/ may help you to understand our dedication towards what we do, and help you to take our contentions seriously

Freedom of Press should not be a FREEDOM similar to the Freedom that Hippy movement had sought long back. . .a freedom from responsibilities and accountabilities towards the society !

The freedom used by the PRESS is the most RESPONSIBLE freedom, as it reflects the freedom of the FREE MEN in the world. It should not the personal freedom for media men for depicting what they think fit for the special needs of their profession. 

Here, they use the crucial discretion to select what STORY , or what NEWS should be selected for publication.

Besides this, they also enjoy the crucial DISCRETION to allot the  ‘PRIORITY’ , to each story or news item they publish - - a freedom that could turn out to be DESTINY DEFINING for the world. 

These two discretions enjoyed by the PRESS is what could make, or break the world. 

We would site an example of the POWER of this discretion, from today's Hindustan times: ( 16th November,2011) 

There is a report in Hindustan Times today, on page 10, by Bhadra Sinha, titled ' SC for re-look at parameters for granting bail to under-trials'. Please think of the impact it would make in peoples mind, if such stories had occupied the main head lines of the news papers, every day ? It would mark a massive shift of the PRIORITY of the PRESS, and people will start to feel a DIFFERENT world from day one after such a shift.

Such ‘priority shift’ only would make media, the true defenders of DEMOCRACY, and the FREEDOM of people. 

Such shift of priorities, and discretion would demand great amount of WISDOM from media, and it is this wisdom that all the enlightened people in the world , and learned men like Justice Katju is expecting from the media leaders ! 

Stories and news items selected as per the sweet discretion of the editors, or as per set norms based on the 'APPEAL FACTOR’ of the news items alone are what makes the world a directionless flux in the mind of the people.

Media report such stories based exclusively on the VERSIONS given by the people involved in the story, for the sake of OBJECTIVITY. This norm makes a synthetic world, offering no SENSIBLE DIRECTION in the minds of people. It helps only to INCREASE the intellectual wilderness that the people already suffer from! 

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