Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nothing exists in the world beyond what media could cover !

( This is copy of our communication with a top Journalism school faculty member In India) 

Dear Prof.Siddiqui,

Warm Greetings !

This is simply to share some interesting quote on media act, by one of media's own top men.

 Mr.Ted Koppel,describes his own profession:  "the shepherd constantly checking to see which way the sheep are headed; and then racing to overtake the flock so that he can be perceived as its leader. And whatever happens outside or beyond the scrutiny of television simply does not exist." 

 Koppel continues - -"We have reconstructed the Tower of Babel, and it is a television antenna: 1,000 voices producing a daily parody of democracy, in which everyone's opinion is afforded equal weight regardless of substance or merit." In Koppel's assessment, "We now communicate with everyone and say absolutely nothing." 

The one below is the most interesting : 

'Journalism has become a sort of competitive screeching: What is trivial but noisy and IMMEDIATE takes precedence over important matters that develop over time'.
If you remember, we recently shared a similar view with you on the media act, with the heading ' GODS OF THE PRESENT'. It was sent before we could see Mr.Ted Koppel's similar views.

Hope you would let your students share the above interesting dimensions of the media act. 

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