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How routine media acts institutionalize, and then pass-on dirty politics as DEMOCRACY to people ?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
How routine media acts institutionalize, and then pass-on dirty politics as DEMOCRACY to people ?

( The following matter was e.mailed to all leading tv news channels and newspaper editors during April 2013) 

Ref: Routine stories in the media about political tricks, strategies and wars, scams and killings  for capturing state power

Dear Media friends and other men of intelligence, 

Warm Greetings from 'conscience of the society', the philosophical non-profit initiative for causes such as human reason, justice, individual dignity and more centrally, that of a reformed democracy and media !

When the COLLECTIVE REALM of man in any larger community like modern states, is in the total grip and control of a game like POLITICS, a naked war for capturing state power for purposes other than that of collective welfare of people, human civilization as a whole suffers. 

This is because it was this realm which was supposed to integrate varied energies of men and communities, institutions and values of in a  society  in such a way so that it ensures smooth journey of  human society into more and more developed realms of civilization. In the present scenario, this sacred realm is occupied by professional men engaged EXCLUSIVELY in a game of capturing the mythological POWER-STATES for its own sake !

The compelling grip of old dreams and myths of a COUNTRY RULER is still fiercely alive in the psyche of modern man and his societies !

When a great institution like media, the exclusive agency for the exchange of ideas, values and myths in modern societies are engaged exclusively in the act of evaluating, analyzing, debating and adoring this arrangement as DEMOCRACY, the peoples form of modern governance, the above ABSURD game gets institutionalized in the society to the peril of human civilization ! Mankind and everything rationale about his dignified collective living gets dangerously orphaned in the act !

Paul Goodman, who was called ' the father figure of the new left' by New York Times narrated the tragedy of life of man under the above kind of democracy as follows: 

' there is competitive pressure to act a role, yet paradoxically one is rarely allowed to do one's best, or use one's best judgment. Proofs of success or failure are not tangibly given in the task, but always in some superior's judgment. Spontaneity and instinct are likely to be gravely penalized, yet one is supposed to be creative ...

'Wilhelm Reich showed that this kind of anxiety led to dreams of destruction, self-destruction, and explosion, in order to release tension, free something, and feel free'. 

What we witness every day in the country in the form of rapes, abuses, violence and scams are expressions of such acts of destruction and explosion, in order to release tension and feel free by people !

Rousseau: ( in his 'ORIGIN OF INEQUALITIES') 'Bodies politic, remaining thus in a 'state of nature' among themselves, presently experienced the inconveniences which had obliged individuals to forsake it; for this state became still more fatal to these great bodies than it had been to individuals of whom they were composed'......hence arose national wars, battles, murders and reprisals which shook nature and defy length men massacred their fellow-beings by thousands without knowing why, and committed more murders in a single day's fighting, and more violent outrages than were committed in the 'state of nature'  during whole ages over the whole earth'

He was explaining the calamity of modern states acting as old individuals in a state of nature from where the so called CIVILITY emerged, in the form of democratic states !

We appeal to the media to represent mankind than a weird profession, where what they are supposed to do is only to depict the existing evil ways of any society in an entertaining manner to public !

Founder secretary 

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