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The utter need to invent a prime logic for media institution, other than drama and conflict !

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22 February 2014 05:16AM

Sub: The utter need to invent a prime logic for media institution, other than drama and 
conflict !

Dear Rajdeep, 

Warm Greetings !

When a professional killer decide to finish-off a victim for not leaving a direct witness, he has his own logic of his trade. When Gandhiji decided to fight for freedom of his country, he also had his special logic.

Logic usually derives from need based 'relations' invented by mind to suits the 'order'/consistency/unity need of our sense of reason. Such 'relations' work as guiding principles for future actions. 

At times such relations naturally derive from 'pure reason', like in the case of the origin of the concept of 'freedom and liberty' in the minds of the American and French revolutionists, that appealed to them as 'self-evident' in nature. There was no pre-premises to base these concepts ! 

X,y, or z can have any logic to lead their lives. But men whose acts and deeds act as example and guidelines for others, or masses of people should invent their logic with extreme care. Eg. Responsible parents can not have wayward logic while dealing with the wards. Any person or institution that deals with large masses of people should choose their logic with similar extreme care, as what they do, speak and convey acts as 'premises' to infer the lives of the latter, the world or people at large. 

Here, when a person like to you, a leader figure of media industry admits that the logic that guides media is 'drama and conflict', it leaves a very serious question Rajdeep: as media is an institution not of x,y or z, but one that carry the heavy responsibility of being 'peoples voice', 'watch-dogs' under democracy, 'silent educators of the world' etc, who else is there in the world to mind such vital businesses of mankind ?  

It is public knowledge that our realm of country governance is guided more by very narrow needs and compulsions of professional politics, putting the genuine needs of people, society and mankind into great neglect and peril. So, the role of media as a creator of new logic similar to that created by the US and French revolutionists is extremely essential for the orphaned world. If they think it is not the direct mission of their profession, they must at least take the responsibility to be conduits for the elements that try to create new logic for society.

Hope you got the message that I was trying to convey !

Warm regards,


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